Drovers Crossing Indentures/By-Laws
Rules Supplement To Indentures

Current Amendments
Adopted Amendments 27-28,30 to Indentures/By-Laws
Drovers Crossing Amendment Section 5, Outbuildings & Sheds
Drovers Crossing Amendment(3rd) Section 6, Fencing

Please review these documents to become familiar with the rules and guidelines for Drovers Crossing Subdivision. You are encouraged to contact a Trustee if you have any questions regarding the Covenants, By-Laws, Conditions, Restrictions, Provisions, Trusteeship, Amendments and Rules. If you are moving please keep a copy in your home during your listing period for review by the prospective home buyer.

These Articles of Indenture and By-Laws for Drovers Crossing Subdivision are in place to help preserve the character of the neighborhood and to protect the values of all properties. While most homeowners are dedicated to this same goal, our property values and a strong sense of community can only be maintained and/or improved through a viable organization of cooperative neighbors. Together we can keep our neighborhood safe, enjoyable and attractive.

All five links above complete the governing documents for Drovers Crossing Subdivision.

For the rules on FULL YARD FENCING read Fence Amendment Section 6. (This rule was updated and changed in October 2014.)  Electric dog restraint systems are not allowed in the front or side yards and can only be installed in the backyard behind the sidelines of the house (City of St. Peters Ordinance and Subdivision Rule).

Garbage and Yard Waste Containers are to be stored behind and not beside each house or in your garage only. The City of St. Peters is the only city in the County of St. Charles that offers trash and recycling pick-up two days a week. Trash and recycling pick-up is Monday and Thursday and yard waste is on Wednesday in Drovers Crossing. Containers and/or yard waste bags are to be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 p.m. the evening prior to pickup. This is a City of St. Peters Ordinance.

The Articles of Indenture for Plats 1-3 known as the Conditions, Restrictions, Provisions and Trusteeship for Drovers Crossing Homeowners Association, Incorporated. These governing documents are recorded with the St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds, In Plat Book Number 21, Page 147-148 and the newly adopted amendment Section 27 is recorded in Book DE5138, Page 978. Section 28 and Section 30 are recorded in Book 825, Page 254 ET SEQ, Bk: DE5245 Pg: 1655 in the St. Charles County records.

Adopted and Recorded Amendments to the By-Laws:

Amendments for Section 5 Sheds & Outbuildings and Section 6 Fences are recorded at the St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds Office and are uploaded for your review. ( NO SHEDS/OUTBUILDINGS ALLOWED IN THE SUBDIVISION)

Section 27: New Amendment Process

The new amendment provision, striking the original section 27 in its entirety and substituting a new amendment process, was duly adopted and approved by the required requisite vote by the property owners. The new Section 27 was recorded on March 12, 2009 at the Recorder of Deeds Office in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Section 28: Power To Charge Wrongdoer All Cost Arising From The Wrong
Section 30: Rule making and Cancellation of Unreasonable Rule

The Governing Indenture of Drovers Crossing, Recorded at Book 825, Page 254 ET SEQ, Bk: DE5245 Pg: 1655 in the St. Charles County records on August 7, 2009, has been duly amended by the adoption of a new Section 28 of said Indenture regarding power to charge any wrongdoer all costs arising from the wrong and adding an additional Section 30 to said Indenture regarding rule making and owner power to nullify rules.

Rules have been added to supplement and clarify the existing guidelines of the Indenture governing the community, each Rule was voted and passed by the required majority of the homeowners in Drovers Crossing Subdivision on July 19, 2010.