Important Forms

Architectural changes to your property request form

Any changes a Homeowner wishes to make to the exterior of your property must have prior approval of the Board Trustees before proceeding with any exterior changes.  Requests for changes, to include but not limited to changes of paint color, siding, roof replacement, deck or fence replacement, or other construction of the dwelling or other improvements to your property, must have an Architectural review form filled out and submitted to the Board of Trustees for review and approval.  This submission should include all specifics related to the request, as noted on the review form.  NOTE:  On occasion, some homeowners have initiated property changes without filling out this form and gained approval, often due to being unaware of this indenture.  Please be sure all future property enhancements you wish to make are submitted for approval prior to moving forward with your plans; no exceptions.  Please plan your Architectural Changes to allow enough time for review, typically 30 days or less. 

Non-Compliance Concern Form

As a homeowner in Drovers Crossing Subdivision it is your right and responsibility to help ensure that the Indentures/ By·Laws and Rules are upheld. If there is a property in Drovers Crossing that you feel is failing to uphold these legal documents, you may complete the Non- Compliance/Concern Form so that we can better serve you.  All responses to general correspondence will be answered in a timely manner.