Annual Assessment is $100.00 per year. Required documentation and/or receipts for all expenses are kept on file. Per the Indenture, all paid expenses shall bear the approval signature of two Trustees. Community Managers Associates collects and maintains all subdivision assessment monies, record expenditures and pays all approved expenses for the subdivision. Monthly statements are sent to the Board of Trustees for review.

If your assessment bill is not paid within 30 days of billing a Late Fee of $20.00 will be added to your assessment bill. If your bill is not paid a lien will automatically be filed on your property including fees to file and release the lien and all attorney fees to collect from you will be added to your balance due to the Drovers Crossing HOA.

14323 S. Outer Forty 
Suite 301N 
Chesterfield, Mo.  63017

Their fax number is: (314) 878-2773
The email address is