July 2016

Greetings from your Drovers Crossing Trustees:

It is our hope that each of our Homeowners are enjoying your Summer, and taking full advantage of the opportunity to be outside, get to know your neighbors and continue to maintain the “first class” caliber of neighborhood that Drovers Crossing has come to be known for over the last 30+ years.

Knowing that many of our long-term Homeowners have moved on to other places and new members of the Drovers Crossing family have joined us, we would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of some of the particular indentures our subdivision has, that enable us to maintain the quality neighborhood that we have.

Mail Boxes – One mail box only shall be installed in front of each home and on the side of the street as required by the U.S. Postal Service.  Such box shall be Rural Ribbed black metal model 1-C, manufactured by Steel City Corporation, Youngtown, Ohio , or any comparable model, and mounted on a 4’ x 4’ post and crossbar.  No exceptions.

 Architectural changes to your property – Any changes a Homeowner wishes to make to the exterior of your property must have prior approval of the Board Trustees before proceeding with any exterior changes.  Requests for changes, to include but not limited to changes of paint color, siding, roof replacement, deck or fence replacement, or other construction of the dwelling or other improvements to your property, much have an Architectural review form filled out and submitted to the Board of Trustees for review and approval.  This submission should include all specifics related to the request, as noted on the review form.  NOTE:  On occasion, some homeowners have initiated property changes without filling out this form and gained approval, often due to being unaware of this indenture.  Please be sure all future property enhancements you wish to make are submitted for approval prior to moving forward with your plans; no exceptions.

Nuisances No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood, nor shall any trucks, boats, campers, 2-wheel trailers or commercial vehicles be regularly parked in streets, driveways or yards in the Subdivision.  The term “regularly parked” as used in these restrictions shall mean eight (8) hours during any consecutive seven (7) day period.  The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to trucks or workmen performing construction or repairs on any lot or residence in the subdivision within the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.  NOTE:  On occasion, we have had to address commercial vehicles with some Homeowners that have vehicles that are considered “commercial” that are advertising companies.  Typically when this has occurred, our Homeowners have been able and willing to affix magnetic blank covers over the advertising so they are not visible when in the subdivision.  We appreciate it.

 Should a commercial vehicle not be able to have this affixed cover due to the advertising graphic, the vehicle must be parked in the garage when on the individual’s property, and not in view by other Homeowners.  Adherence to this indenture is extremely important and appreciated.  Also, the above indenture is not meant to start a new seven (7) day period each time a boat, trailer, camper or other comes on the property.  Please be mindful of this.

 Storage Garbage and refuse cans and wood piles shall be kept within the confines of each rear yard (behind and not beside each house), so as to conceal them from street review.  All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be kept in sanitary containers and regularly removed from each Lot and shall not be allowed to accumulate thereon.  NOTE:  This particular indenture is one that, in general, can have the greatest effect on the aesthetics.  Frequently, the Board of Trustees has had to stop and reminder Homeowners to move their garbage and refuse cans, as they have been left out for days after regular pickup.  These cans are not to be left either at the street, nor in ones driveway or within plain view from the street.  They are to be preferably to be left in the homeowner’s garage, or in the rear of the house, clearly out of view from the street from your neighbors.  We would suggest homeowners be cognizant that “out of view” should include out of view of your neighbors that live on streets behind you, as they should not have to view your trash cans either.  Again, aesthetics are one of the key things that make our subdivision a great one; let’s not detract from that!  Garbage pickup is Monday and Thursday, with yard waste on Wednesday.  Thank you.

Property upkeep – It is also important that each Homeowner continue to maintain the upkeep of their property, to include regular grass cutting, tree and shrub trimming and the like.  Our Homeowners for the most part continue to extremely diligent and timely in maintaining their property, however we have had some instances where some residents have been lax on cutting and trimming, thus detracting from fellow Homeowner properties.  Please make the Board of Trustees aware of any instances where you come across an example of failure to maintain consistent property upkeep.  Should this persist, the Board of Trustees will work in conjunction with the City of St. Peters, who will follow up with the violator, and if necessary, conduct the upkeep for them, and bill them accordingly.   

 The Board of Trustees thanks you for your continued efforts to maintain and improve Drovers Crossing and our aesthetics.  We are known as a “first class” subdivision, and want to make sure we all contribute to maintaining this well-earned reputation.


The Drovers Crossing Board of Trustees

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