Drovers Crossing Homeowners Associate

Annual Meeting Wednesday, March 30, 2016

St. Peters City Hall 7:00PM


Present: Drovers Board of Trustees –  Paul Fogarty, Kevin Campbell, Kate James

CMA rep: Jessica Goodman Community Manager

CALL TO ORDER- Paul Fogarty

Paul called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.  Paul asked everyone if they had received an agenda.  He then welcomed all in attendance.   Paul continued by introducing himself and the addition board members as well as introducing CMA representative Jessica Goodman.


Kate asked for a motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the meeting held last year March 4th, 2015.  GiGi Mudd, 52 Connemara had asked for the part of the minutes that pertain to the $315 lighting maintenance be read.  Kate then asked would the homeowners just prefer her to read the complete minutes from the meeting of 2015.  At the request of GiGi Mudd, 52 Connemara, Kate read, in its entirety, the prior meeting minutes.

Once completed Kate requested a motion to approve the minutes from the 2015 meeting.  A motion to approve was given by Dave Bauer, 24 Connemara.  A second was given by Steve James, 5 Carriage Way East.


Kevin reviewed the proposed 2016 budget, which had been previously mailed to all homeowners, and a copy handed out upon arrival to the meeting.

Kevin explained that the Board of Trustees (BOT). had cut cost and kept the budget pretty tight.  He also stated that we have a pretty simple subdivision, with extremely limited expenditures associated with it.   Basically lawn care, landscape and lighting are the primary three items, along with the monthly management fee to CMA.

Kevin then opened the floor to any questions a homeowner may have.  Lee Emmerderfer, 5 Carriage Way West, asked how many bids are obtained for the lawn care contract.   Kevin referred the question to Jessica Goodman, CMA rep. to answer.  Jessica replied that 3-4 bids had been obtained and on file.  Archway was awarded the contract because they came in with the best bid.



Kevin opened by thanking everyone for the quiet year (2015).  He explained, we, the (BOT) have not had to deal with any real major incidents overall.  The number of letters sent to homeowners on non-compliance and liens filed had decreased over the prior year.

Kevin mentioned that homeowners are in compliance with the mailbox rule.  He stated that occasionally a homeowner may leave their trash can at the front for a bit too long.  When that is noticed a simple knock on the door and a friendly reminder of the trash can rule is discussed and the issue typically goes away.  It’s pretty simple he explained.  The BOT is trying to handle as many of the issues in a manner to not upset and agitate, but to educate, while still keeping within the rules and bi-laws allowing the subdivision to be as nice as it has always been.  Letters will still be issued should the particular issue persist, after the knock on the door and personal request by the BOT member approach has failed.

Kevin proceeded to comment that all fences recently installed since the change of the fence indenture are within the required guide lines.  He stated that on behalf of the BOT we appreciated everyone’s cooperation.

Kindness to our neighbors and how we approach and deal with issues being seen by others than the BOT was the next topic discussed.  Kevin asked everyone to stay alert and pay attention and if something of concern is noticed to be proactive in trying to talk to the homeowner in a kind and calm manner.  Gi Gi Mudd, 52 Connemara asked who should be contacted with the issue at hand, a board member or CMA?

Kevin responded that should a homeowner feel uncomfortable to deal directly with the issue at hand, to please contact Jessica Goodman at CMA and file a report.   The team at CMA will forward on the BOT, who will advise CMA on action to be taken.   In some cases, the issue will be a matter for the St Peters Police Department and they should be contacted at the non-emergency number, unless of course, it is an emergency.

Charles Wilson, 20 Ardennais asked what is the rule with reference to RV’s, boats and trailers.

The rule was discussed and explained.  All are allowed as long as parked on the driveway, should be there no longer than 48-72 hours.  Any type as listed above parked on the street would require a call to the police department.  However, a homeowner is allowed to park for a short period of time but will be contacted if goes past 3 days.  The BOT will contact the homeowner directly and explain the rule in hopes this will prompt the homeowner to remove the vehicle from the residence.

Kevin listed an example of this type of situation;   a dumpster was dropped at a home, and was left there for in excess of 3 weeks.  Kevin contacted the owner and explained the rules.  The dumpster was removed shortly thereafter.

Commercial vehicles were the next topic that Kevin discussed.  He explained that any vehicle with signage advertising a company was considered a commercial vehicle.  Kevin mentioned that to date, all homeowners who have them are abiding by the rule by either using a magnet patch to hide the advertisement or parking the vehicle outside of the subdivision.

George Foster, 17 Carriage Way West, asked “How is it to be determined who’s who in a rental home?”

GiGi Mudd, 52 Connemara, responded that Drovers Crossing had a Neighborhood Watch Program and we should bring that back.  Kate James said that the BOT tried to form one in 2014, however there was little interest by homeowners at that time.  Perhaps the BOT will again attempt to form a team in 2016.

Karen Haub, 2 Ardennais, suggested that by simply introducing yourself to a new neighbor you will be able to find out if they are renters or not.

Ted Kolb, 21 Connemara,   Ted lives next door to one of the rental homes.  He noticed a lot of people going in and out of the home.  He also noticed a large amount of vehicles.  Ted contacted the police and it was discovered that one of the owners of one of the vehicles had a warrant out for their arrest.    Kevin commended Ted on his paying attention and getting involved.

Ted, owner since 1995, is concerned with possible decrease in property values due to poor up keep on the rental properties.   He mentioned that 19 Connemara has a camper shell under their deck.  Also mentioned was the possibility of a two family dwelling in a rental home on Carriage Way West.

The question was brought up wanting to know what the bi-laws say about rental property.  There is nothing in the bi-laws, original or current, that state anything about rental property.  GiGi Mudd, 52 Connemara, past board member, concurred that nothing has or does exist in the bi-laws with reference to rental property.  She also brought up that in order to live in a rental home in St Peters, one must obtain a renters permit.  A list may be attained from the St Peters City Hall.

ELECTION-Paul Fogarty

Paul announced that only one person Karl (Dune) Trull had submitted a nomination and resume form.  He explained that Karl was unable to attend the meeting due to an illness that required him to be out of town.  He then requested any additional nominees in attendance that might wish to run.   There were two, GiGi Mudd, 52 Connemara and Barb Bowers, 11 Carriage Way East.

Both were given an opportunity to speak on their behalf.  Kate James gave a brief verbal bio of Karl (Dune) Trull.    After it was determined there were no other nominees, the homeowners were asked to place their votes on to their ballot that was given to them upon arrival to the meeting.  Paul asked for all proxies to also be given to Jessica Goodman from CMA.

Paul explained that all trustees have equal responsibility on the BOT.   No one person is more important than the other.  All decisions to be made by the BOT are made by total consensus of all 3 trustees.  If all three don’t agree, which rarely occurs, a majority will rule.   We must have 2 out of 3 agree to move a decision forward.

While the votes were being counted, Kate James took a moment to recognize Paul Fogarty for all his hard work and behind the scenes dedication to the upkeep of Drovers Crossing, as well as his three year leadership on the BOT.  Well done Paul!

ALDERMAN-Dave Thomas and Rocky Reitmeyer

Dave Thomas thanked everyone for their participation in attending the homeowners meeting.  He stated that the alderman of Ward 1 had a quiet couple of years.  Thanked the B.O.T. for that.

Dave started off by asking the homeowners if there were any questions.  George Foster, 17 Carriage Way West, yelled out “light at front of subdivision”.  EVERYONE chimed in on that subject.  The complaint is that the cycle time for the light to change is too long.    This was an issue discussed at last year’s meeting as well.  Rocky Reitmeyer said that he would have the St. Peters city staff that handle the lights, come out and study it and determine if we have a bad sensor.

Cathy Haunschild, 22 Connemara, asked what can be done about rental property within Drovers Crossing.  Rocky Reitmeyer responded that it was a not a subdivision bi-law issue.  Dave Thomas proceeded to affirm that the City of St Peters is a Class 4 city, which means we have less government interference.  St Peters does have a law on dwelling requirements.

Dave Thomas suggested that the BOT be diligent in staying on top of the issues with the rental homes (Home upkeep such as grass, paint, bushes, and soffit).  Once an issue is reported to the City of St. Peters, a code enforcement officer will be sent to the property and if deemed necessary, will go over the home with a fine toothed comb.  The occupants will be warned and then fined if not correct this non-compliance.   Dave reminded everyone that the process in which the actual owner is contacted can be a VERY lengthy one.

GiGi Mudd, 52 Connemara, mentioned that the city does a great job of responding to such issues and used #2 Connemara as an example of the city coming in and cleaning up the property.  Kate James clarified to Gigi and the group that the city did not clean up the property.   In fact it was Paul Fogarty, Kevin Campbell and Kate James that spent days mowing lawn, cutting bushes, power washing the house and fence.  In addition, Paul Fogarty and his son hauled away 3 loads of brush to the recycle center.

Red light cameras were brought up by George Foster, 17 Carriage Way West.  Rocky and Dave both replied, “DONE”.  The red light camera program was shut down on August 31, 2014.  The cameras were not taken down immediately, however have not been operational since 8/31/2014.

Paul Fogarty asked about the timeline on the repair of the pot holes through out Drovers Crossing. Rocky asked Paul to email him a list of specific addresses that are in need of repair, and he will get the street department over to look at them and determine corrective action, as necessary.

Lee Emmenderfer, 5 Carriage Way West, inquired on crime stats for the City of St Peters.  Dave Thomas stated that in 2011 crime spiked.  Over the past few years it has been on the decrease.  He stated unfortunately St Peters is a target city.  He urged the homeowners to stay alert and pay attention to who is coming and going around the neighborhood.   He then suggested a Neighborhood Watch program.  Kate James stated that we had tried to form one but had no one wanting to participate and that we would try again to put one together.

Grace Sit, 24 Carriage Way West, stated that she was very uncomfortable with the sign posting the meeting, at the front entrance.  Grace suggested the sign be pushed back to Connemara Court. Everyone agreed this was a very good idea and all signs will now be posted at Connemara and Connemara Court.


  • Mobile On The Run and Country Club Carwash are being built on Mexico and Jungermann.
  • A 5 building condo association is being built behind Kokomos
  • Drury Inn will get a total remodel this year
  • Marriot hotel opened up two weeks ago
  • If having a mosquito problem, contact Dave Thomas or Rocky Reitmeyer and they will have the area treated. Please allow 3 days.
  • Property north of 70 is being developed. A new shopping center is being built and will include sporting goods store, restaurants, and other shops.
  • The area along Salt River is starting to develop nicely
  • 370 Premier Park, which has been pretty empty, has a ½ million to 1 million square foot manufacturing/distribution plant being built.

Dave Primeau, 7 Carriage Way East, asked what’s going to go on with Dardeene Creek and Highway 70 water issue.  Rocky Reitmeyer has submitted a resolution to state reps, Army Corp of Engineers, DOT, Missouri state senators, and Congressmen.   He has asked them to find a solution to the water issue.  Highway 70 is an intercontinental road and something has got to be and can be done.

The golf course at St Peters Golf club sustained a lot of damage during the December 2015 flood.  There are some hopes that a plan that has been put forward to upgrade and expand the club house will be approved and move forward.  Providing a venue for banquets and receptions.

The question was asked of the alderman as to why the information of who was bidding on the commercial property at what is now the WalMart Market on Mid Rivers was withheld.  Dave Thomas firmly stated, “THAT INFORMATION WAS NOT WITHHELD.  The zoning was already there.  If the requirements were met, they could bid. “

Dave Thomas invited everyone to please visit his Facebook page which will keep you up to date on what’s going on in St Peters.  Go to


  • Development of a beautiful aquatic center located across the street from the RecPlex. To include a full lazy river, water slides, competitive pool with dive blocks.
  • Due to the extreme cost of repair work that would have to be done on one of the city’s pools, the swim teams will be combined this year.
  • Bill Charnisky, City Administrator, is resigning and will be replaced by the current City Engineer, Mr. Russ Batzel


Thirty (38) homes were represented at the meeting of 3-30-16, twenty six (26) in person and twelve (12) via proxy.  Karl Trull was elected as the new Trustee, with a majority of the votes (32 of 38- 84%).

ADJOURN-Paul Fogarty

Paul asked for a motion to adjourn.                                                                                                                            Barb Bowers, 11 Carriage Way East, motioned, Dave Bauer, 24 Connemara, seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned.












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