Drovers Crossing Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting Wednesday, March 4, 2015
St. Peters City Hall 7:00PM
Present: Drovers B.O.T. – Paul Fogarty, Kevin Campbell, Kate James CMA reps: Jessica Goodman Community Manager and Angie

1) CALL TO ORDER-Paul Fogarty
Paul called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00pm. He then welcomed all in attendance. Paul then proceeded to introduce the folks from CMA (New management company)
An explanation as to why a new management company was put forth.Paul advised that after interviewing a few management companies, it was unanimously voted to hire CMA.
Paul then briefly reviewed the events of 2014 with regards to Drovers Crossing Community.
Kate was responsible to review the minutes from the meeting of last year. Kate explained that she was unfortunately not present for that meeting. The minutes/notes were handled by Sentry Management Company. No hard copy minutes are available. Thru conversation with both Kevin, Paul and Phyllis (Sentry), a recap was completed and relayed to those in attendance.
3) FINANCIAL REVIEW-Kevin Campbell
Kevin reviewed the proposed 2015 which was mailed to all homeowners, a copy handed out upon arrival to the meeting.
It was noted that there will be a revision of 2 line items. (Insurance and Grounds Contractor) A new copy of the 2015 budget will be mailed to all homeowners and also available on line (www.drovers-crossing.com) once completed.
Bottom line – over all expenses 2015 should be $1000 to $1500 less than 2014.
*Lee Emmerderfer, 5 Carriage Way West, What is the reserve used for? Paul Fogarty responded that the Reserve fund is used for such things as replacement items, lights, wall and trees.
*Grace Sit, 24 Carriage Way West, Suggested that the B.O.T. consider using Facebook as the means in which to communicate with the homeowners instead of the web site.
*Betty Schippers, 51 Connemara, Disagreed with the Facebook suggestion. She feels that we need to keep the web site.
The 2014 Actual’s show a website total of $305 with the same amount budgeted for 2015. Kate James said she would look in to that charge because the amount seemed like it was a bit out of line.
*Ron Barnes, 4 Carriage Way West, Ron questioned the lighting maintenance of $315. Paul explained that in 2014 mistakenly the lighting contractor was called to do some work on the front lights multiple times. Paul then explained that he is an engineer and has electrical experience and when possible, will make the changes or repairs to the lighting system, lights and what have you. He also asked that the homeowners please be patient with the timing of the lights going on and off when we Spring forward and Fall back. The lights are on different timing mechanisms and are not ALL on and off at the exact same time.
*Ron Barnes, 4 Carriage Way West, Ron was curious what the proposed 2015 Miscellaneous $317 was budgeted for. It was explained by Paul that is believed to be a clerical error by Sentry. Since our new management company contract just took effect on 2-1-15 and the paperwork transfer process from Sentry to CMA was just completed right before the meeting, a new copy of the proposed 2015 Budget will be reviewed with the B.O.T. and CMA and mailed to all homeowners as well as available on the web site (www.drovers-crossing.com) for review.
*Paul Tauer, 3 Connemara Ct., Paul was wondering where the money to fund the reserves comes from. He was assuming it is the overflow from the previous year. Kevin explained that yes any excess funds not used would be placed in to the reserve account.
Paul Fogarty explained that the 2015 assessment coupons will be sent out in the mail, along with the revised 2015 budget. The due date of the assessments is 4-1-2015. The assessments will be considered past due if not paid by 5-31-2015. Collection letters will follow for assessments not paid by 5-31-2015.
4) ALDERMAN – Dave Thomas and Rocky Reitmeyer (Ward 1)
Dave Thomas passed around form and requested anyone interested in the goings on of St. Peters, to fill out and give their email addresses. List will not be sold or shared with any other companies.
Dave gave a small speech about the April 7 election (of which he is up for re-election). He urged everyone to vote.
Dave and Rocky gave a recap of a few things going on in the real estate developments around town.
There is a new dog park going in and it should be completed by the summer 2015.
Park 370 is going strong. Half million sq. ft. building has been proposed to be built, resulting in a lot of jobs to the city. There has also been some talk of a residential area. This has not been approved as of yet.
New CVS is being built at Jungerman and Mexico where the old Mobile station was.
On the North side of Mexico in front of the hospital, a new Mobile on the Run and Car Wash is being built.
Courtyard by Marriot is being built in place of the old Holiday Inn on Veterans Memorial. With this will come a new round-about to help with the flow of traffic anticipated to be in the area of the hotel and the hospital.
The city of St. Peters is working hard to keep utilities as inexpensive as possible without taking away from the quality of the services.
CELEBRATION ST. PETERS WILL BE HELD AT PARK 370. SEPTEMBER 18TH AND 19TH The alderman want everyone to know that when you see a golf cart in the parking lot, those are at your service. Ask for a ride, that is why they have them.
Congratulations were offered to Officer Melissa Doss for her emails and promptness in sending them. Everyone who are on the email list stated that she had information out on email prior to the news media having information on the recent US Bank robbery at our Schnucks.
*George Foster, 17 Carriage Way West, George was concerned about the amount of solicitor’s coming around the neighborhood lately. Dave Thomas explained that as far as church people are concerned, they do not need a permit. However, most anyone else pushing a service or selling an item would need a permit. Dave also wanted all of us to know that “NO SOLICITORS” stickers are available at no charge at the city hall location.
Kate James’ position was up for election. She volunteered to run for another 3 year term. There were no other nominations.
Paul Forgarty reiterated that the revised proposed 2015 budget will be mailed and available on web site (www.drovers-crossing.com)
*Ron Wilson, 20 Ardennais, Wanted to know when the lawn care bids have to be submitted. Paul Fogarty explained that the B.O.T. currently had no requests for bids out there. However, if there was someone that he knew would like to submit one, have them do so and the board would review it.
*Paul Tauer, 3 Connemara Ct., Thanked the B.O.T. for the manner in which they handled the meeting of September 4, 2014.
Kate James asked if the homeowners were interested in a newsletter. Unanimously voted “NO” by all those in attendance.
Kate James advised that when the sign is posted at the front entrance, there is updated information on the website, (www.drovers-crossing.com)
Kate James spoke of the St Peters Spring Citizens Academy. She had flyers to hand out for those interested. She asked that Officer Melissa Doss of the St. Peters Police Dept. be contacted with any questions that may need to be answered.
A vote was taken. By a unanimous showing of hands, and I’s, Kate James was re-elected for a 3 year term.
Kathy Tauer, 3 Connemara Ct. motioned to adjourn the meeting. Paul Tauer, 3 Connemara Ct. seconded the motion.

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