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The Drovers Crossing Board of Trustees are elected homeowners and in place to represent the Homeowners Association and to uphold the Covenants that govern Drovers Crossing.

In order to protect and preserve the character of Drovers Crossing all neighbors must cooperate and work together. 

Did you know…

Drovers Crossing is a past recipient of the The HBA Homer Award also known as the the “Oscars” of the St. Louis Homebuilding Community. It is an annual local competition to recognize design, workmanship, and value in residential construction projects throughout the St. Louis area.

Drovers Crossing consists of 3 plats and 149 homes. Drovers Crossing subdivision had 3 home builders that referred to the tract of land that the subdivision sits on as the “Golden Triangle of St. Peters”. Drovers Crossing is in a prime location that is convenient to everything. Drovers Crossing continues to be admired by many.

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