Homeowners planning additions and/or modifications to the exterior of their home and/or lot/landscaping,  must complete the required Plan Approval Request Form. This form must be submitted for review by the Architectural Review Board/Board of Trustees. Written approval is required prior to beginning the project.

Over the past few months it has been noticed that some homeowners are not following the above described procedure for changes being made to the exterior of their homes/ or lot/landscaping.

When this policy is not followed as written and a homeowner chooses to make these changes without prior approval, the homeowner is running the risk of having to reverse the unapproved work that has been completed.

These policies are in place for a good reason.  So please re familiarize yourselves with the indentures of our community. They can be found on the home page of this web site.  as is the Architectural Change request form.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Your Drovers Crossing Board of Trustees,

Paul Fogerty, Kevin Campbell, and Kate James


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St. Peters Residents,

With 4th of July approaching, we have already received numerous calls to our Police Department concerning fireworks violations. This e-mail is a reminder of our city ordinance concerning fireworks.

The setting off or exploding of fireworks is illegal in the City of St. Peters. Our officers will be enforcing fireworks violations by issuing summonses to violators. We will have extra officers on for the 4th of July weekend to enforce this ordinance. Also, the City of St. Peters prohibits the sale of fireworks and we do not allow any fireworks tents to be set up within City limits. If you see fireworks tents set up in the area, I can assure you it is not within the city limits of St. Peters, but it actually in another jurisdiction. Below is a copy of our city ordinance:

Section 210.410Definitions.

[Ord. No. 5017 §1, 6-12-2008]

For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this Section:


Any composition or device designed primarily to produce visible or audible effects by combustion, deflagration or detonation. This term includes all types of fireworks as defined in Section 320.106, RSMo.


A presentation of fireworks for a public or private gathering.


The written authority of the City issued under the authority of this Chapter of the Municipal Code.


Any corporation, association, partnership or individual or group thereof.


An exchange of articles of fireworks for money, including barter, exchange, gift or offer thereof, and each such transaction made by any person, whether as a principal proprietor, salesman, agent, association, co-partnership or one (1) or more individuals.

Section 210.420Fireworks — Setting Off, Exploding, Etc., Prohibited, Exception.

[Ord. No. 5017 §1, 6-12-2008]

It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully set off, use, burn, explode or fire off any fireworks within the City; provided however, this Section shall not apply to fireworks displays and use of any fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects in parks or other public places when such fireworks displays are conducted by an independent professional pyrotechnician and under a permit issued by the City. The Building Commissioner may issue such fireworks display permit only after the applicant/ pyrotechnician has met the risk management requirements established by the City and the requirements for such permit issuance within the scope of Chapter 33 of the Fire Code adopted in Section 507.010 of this Code.

Section 210.430Fireworks — Sale, Storage, Etc., Prohibited.

[Ord. No. 5017 §1, 6-12-2008]

It shall be unlawful for any person to construct a retail display or to sell, offer for sale or store any fireworks within the City; provided, that this Section shall not apply to the storage of special fireworks by any person holding a permit for public displays as provided in Chapter 507 of this Code.

For those of you living next to other jurisdictions, here are other city ordinances:

St. Charles County Legal, though hours and dates are restricted (see below):




A. Except as provided in Subsection D and Section 210.115, discharge of fireworks within the County

shall be limited to between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on July 2, 3, 4 and 5 of any year

and to between the hours of 11:30 P.M. on December thirty-first (31st) and 12:30 A.M. on the

immediately following January first (1st)

OFallon (636-240-3200) Illegal

St. Charles City (636-949-3300) Illegal

If fireworks are being set off outside our city limits, we cannot and will not enforce their ordinances. If you know they are being set off in another jurisdiction, you would need to contact the correct police department. For those of you living next to unincorporated St. Charles County, it is legal in their jurisdiction and there is nothing we can do to stop their fireworks.

To report any fireworks violations, you can contact our department on our non-emergency line at 636-278-2222. Do not call 911 to report fireworks ordinance violation, use our non-emergency number instead.

The 4th of July holiday is our busiest time of year, so please be understanding when contacting our dispatch and officers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. This e-mail can be re-distributed.


Officer Melissa Doss
Community/Media Relations
636-278-2244 ext 3550

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School is out and it is the time of year we see an increased amount of thefts and property damages. Here are some suggestions to secure your property this summer:

Property Damage: The main way to prevent property damage is to continually keep an eye/ear out for your neighbors by reporting anything suspicious, especially at night time.  If you see any teenager out passed curfew, contact our dispatch at 636-278-2222. When officers are patrolling the area overnight, they will always stop to check on pedestrians who appear to be underage, so we need your help reporting these individuals.

o       Curfew for 16 years of age and younger Sunday Thursday, 11 PM 6 AM and Friday/Saturday 12 AM 6 AM. Curfew means those individuals 16 and under cannot be out without a guardian after curfew in any public area. 

·       Invest in good lighting around your resident (though be mindful that it is not disturbing your neighbors). Lighting is a great way to deter people from coming onto your property to steal or damage your property

·       Do not leave loose landscaping bricks, rocks, or other tools around your property. These are frequently used to break windows to gain access into a locked vehicle.

Thefts: LOCK VEHICLE DOORS. Every single time.

o       Majority of thefts from vehicles in our area occur when people forget to lock their car doors.

o       Thieves will walk around just trying door handles on vehicles and only entering those that are unlocked. This method is preferred for two reasons: It is easy and it draws little to no attention.

·       Remove valuables from vehicles

o       We take too many reports for laptops, expensive purses, debit/credit cards and guns stolen from vehicles. These items should not remain inside the vehicle because they are easily and commonly stolen.

o       If you have to leave these items in your vehicle, make sure they are kept out of sight and when you place them out of sight, you should always do it prior to arriving at your destination so no one sees you hiding the items.

·       Close garage doors

o       Always close your garage doors when it is being left unattended, including when you are at home.

o       Thieves can steal from open garages very quickly and are very rarely caught or detected by the owner or neighbor because it can be done so fast. 

o       Most garages lead into the home and by leaving the garage door open, unattended, you are risking a possible burglary.

§       Invest in deadbolt locks on the garage door leading into your home and use them.

·       Record serial numbers on property. This can easily be done by taking a picture of the serial number with your Smartphone and storing the pictures on a cloud drive. Serial numbers can be entered as stolen so officers can identify property if it is abandoned somewhere, found in a store or on a person.

·       Report any suspicious behavior, especially overnight. Majority of all the thefts from vehicles happen overnight.

Vacation:  Going on vacation? Here are a few tips:

o       Do not announce vacation on any social media site. Do not post pictures or check-in at out-of-town locations while you are away. Make sure other family members (teenagers?) are not posting this information either.

§       Teenagers tend to have hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook, most of which they do not personally know, which means they will be telling complete strangers no one is at your home. And yes, these type of burglars do occur.

o       Have someone watch over your home, preferably a neighbor you trust.

§       It is great to have someone to bring in your mail, feed the fish, etc. But a trusted neighbor is your best line of defense while you are away. Leave them information about how to contact you and if anyone will be stopping by your house. Your neighbor knows what is normal for the area and can best identify anything suspicious.

o       Stop newspaper/mail OR have it collected daily by a neighbor.

o       Use lights with timers to give the appearance someone is home. Also, leaving a radio/TV on or on a timer to be on during the day will give the illusion someone is inside the house which can deter a burglary.

o       Mow lawn prior to leaving  or have it mowed when out of town. Unkempt lawn will give the indication the house is unoccupied.

o       Store valuables (expensive jewelry, stocks/bonds, cash, documents) is a nondescript place while gone.

§       Nondescript would be: young childs bedroom, storage room in basement, attic, laundry room.

Non-Emergency Dispatch 636-278-2222


Officer Melissa Doss
Community/Media Relations
636-278-2244 ext 3550

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The lights at the front entrance on the west side have a short in them.                                     The lighting company has been contacted and should be out this week to repair.

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Letter from the Board of Trustees

Dear DC Homeowners:

Just a week after your Trustees posted a communication to all DC homeowners on the website in regard to “anonymous” calls and a general tone of harassment towards both Sentry Management and the Board, the attached June 2 letter was received. Once again, we are being contacted by “anonymous” people , claiming to be “concerned DC Homeowners”.

Your Trustees have collectively decided to post this letter for all to see, in order to provide full transparency, as we committed to do when we took office. Although many of the listed “violations” might to some seem petty, we nonetheless thought that should these comments be “credible”, and also from legitimate DC Homeowners, we thought everyone should be aware of these perceptions. We all know that whether we like it or not, oftentimes “perception becomes reality”, therefore as your Trustees, we would ask that each of us continue to do everything we can do to make our individual and collective properties as well kept and inviting as possible.

As to the letter we received, Sentry Management and your Trustees stand ready to respond to any legitimate concerns raised by DC Homeowners, that are provided in a professional, constructive manner. Anonymous communication will be treated simply as that; anonymous. Thank you for your continued support. Your DC Trustees

Below are three scanned pages of the original letter received.  You will have to click on to each page individually to review.

scan0001 scan0002 scan0003

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WOW!  What a successful turnout we had for the subdivision garage sale.                           We had approximately 21 families who opened up their garages, driveways and patios.

Great job everyone!  Thank you so much.

We hope that you all were able to off load some goodies and make a few bucks at the same time.

If was unfortunate that the weather just did not want to cooperate with us.  Thankful that it did hold off until noon, as that was the time we had posted as scheduled for close.

Would love to try again next  year.  If anyone is interested in spear heading a committee to handle next years, please let us know.  Contact Kate James at

Again thank you for your support!

Drovers Crossing Board of Trustees

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Dear Drovers Crossing Homeowners,

Your elected Board of Trustees would like to inform you that there continues to be frequent abusive communication and behavior directed  to our management company personnel at Sentry as well as to your Trustees by select homeowners in our subdivision. 

This is sad, unfortunate and petty, as it does nothing to create a positive and cooperative environment which your Trustees have attempted to create with our homeowners.

It continues to amaze us that select homeowners continue to attempt to undermine and challenge the good things that our subdivision stands for, while harrassing the very people that have been called by the homeowners to lead and serve.

Our hope and request is that going forward any reasonable and pertinent issues in need of Sentry’s review and if necessary, action by your Trustees, be raised and addressed in a professional, civil manner.  Issues raised that are hateful, unprofessional or mean-spirited will not be tolerated nor addressed. 

We apologize for even writing this letter, especially considering the great neighbors we have in Drovers Crossing.  We are simply asking, those that continue to abuse and berate “cease and desist” once and for all.

Thank you.  

                                                                                                                                                      Your Drovers Crossing Board of Trustees     

Paul Fogarty, Kate James and Kevin Campbell

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The Drovers Crossing neighborhood garage sale will be held THIS Saturday June 7th.  Anyone can participate. 

Please remember while driving thru the subdivision on Saturday to stay mindful of increased foot traffic.  As we are anticipating a heavy flow of traffice.

The subdivion sale will be posted on Craigs list on Friday afternoon.  This will draw more customers.  Also signs will be posted at the corner of Spencer and Mexico, Kimberly and Mexico as well as the front entrance. 

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Kate James at

Thank you and happy selling!



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Trash pick up for the Memorial Day holiday

Please remember that your trash pick up will be one day later due to the holiday.  Mondays trash day will run on Tuesday. 

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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